I know it’s late now to say Merry Christmas but still! I went to Ko Samui Island in Thailand for the winter holidays, it was so fun (and wet)! I just wanted to show you guys this awesome card I made with a phone app. It’s pretty cool, but it doesn’t let you customise it. It’s free so you can get it too!



Merry Christmas!🎁🎁🎄🎄🎅🎅


New Logo Designs!

After some time deciding, I’ve chosen the official name SCMI (Stop Child Marriage, India) for my charity. Here’s the new logo!


I like the font. I do consider this as a DOUBLE post because I also created a T-shirt for my drumming team (no, I’m not passionate in drumming as much as I am with digital designs)! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know down in the comments what you think! Feel free to download it! This is all created using


CMPC Logo Decision

In English, we’re informed to have a persuasive speech assessment about our own made-up children’s organisation, just like UNICEF. I chose to do mine about Child Marriage, so my organisation is called “Child Marriage Prevention Center”. Sounds a bit strange, so if you have any recommendations of names the please please please comment as soon as possible (or else everyone else will think my organisation is hideous). Anyway, I have these logos that need deciding on, thanks a lot for helping by simply taking this poll⬇⬇⬇

The rattle represents youth (child) and the 2 rings are the marriage bonded together by money, which also looks like (or symbolises) the female gender symbol.

Cool Christmas Chrome Extension

Hey!!!!!!!! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I still love it! (Unlike my friend who-doesn’t-want-to-be-mentioned [not Voldemort though, for Harry Potter friends], who is literally OBSESSED with Christmas.) So I found this cool Google Chrome Extension that you can put on so it looks like snow and crystals are falling everywhere on your computer screen! I think it looks great on my website (if anyone bothers to read it). Here is a snip of what the latest version looks like:



Meh, just search up “Christmas Winter Snow” and it’ll come up all right. Notice the icon on the top so you can know which one is which. Have fun!

PS: It goes everywhere! On any tab! How cool is that?!

My Life Quote Photoshop

Recently I have been trying out the Photoshop effects and would like to introduce them to you. Comment below what you think of it, and say what I could improve on. For me, it’s the 3D effect on the spray can, but since I learned it myself, I couldn’t really get much into it. Here it is:



Quote credits to:

This next one isn’t as nice, personally, since I haven’t got much experience, but we’ll see how it goes. I was trying to make it look like someone splashed paint on it, but I failed, literally.



Quote credits to: Ed Sheeran – The A Team (I got this from the lyrics because I’m currently obsessed with this song) with a slight twist to it.

Writing – Humanities

It’s been long since I haven’t posted. Well, I’ve been working on this presentation here. It’s about early human writing, from our unit “Early Humans”. Each of us was set out to investigate about what early innovation, discovery or invention humans made. I chose writing. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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