New Logo Designs!

After some time deciding, I’ve chosen the official name SCMI (Stop Child Marriage, India) for my charity. Here’s the new logo! I like the font. I do consider this as a DOUBLE post because I also created a T-shirt for my drumming team (no, I’m not passionate in drumming as much as I am with […]

CMPC Logo Decision

In English, we’re informed to have a persuasive speech assessment about our own made-up children’s organisation, just like UNICEF. I chose to do mine about Child Marriage, so my organisation is called “Child Marriage Prevention Center”. Sounds a bit strange, so if you have any recommendations of names the please please please comment as soon as […]

Writing – Humanities

It’s been long since I haven’t posted. Well, I’ve been working on this presentation here. It’s about early human writing, from our unit “Early Humans”. Each of us was set out to investigate about what early innovation, discovery or invention humans made. I chose writing. Hope you enjoy reading it! Click Here!

Fairy Rules

My English class just finished reading Artemis Fowl (A book series but I only read the first book), and we had to create a presentation that uses various sites to research from. Hope you enjoy it! Fairy Rules Prezi!

Vietnamese Cold Food Festival

Cold food festival originally came from China, but Vietnam was part of the influence too. Here is a presentation for you to have a look at in Vietnamese. I will update it in English in the future (sorry): Vietnamese Cold Food Festival Prezi It also comes with this presenter’s note IN CASE you want to […]

Seabin Project

My Exhibition group had done some research and found some really cool ways of how people are inventing things to help clean out all the garbage out in land and sea. Here’s a video of a person who invented a trash bin (like on land but for the sea) to help clean out all the […]